Mothers (& Fathers): I just recently finished reading “Walking with Purpose: Seven Priorities that Make Life Work by Lisa Brenninkmeyer. In the book, she mentions monthly prayers that she prays for her children, along with corresponding bible verses. I decided to type these prayers into a file, so that they can be printed off as […]

45 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Throughout the Season of Lent    (Sprinkled with Some Challenges) Hello lovely friends!  Nothing like a last minute Lenten Challenge.  During this Lenten season, I want to challenge you to join me in growing in relationship with the Lord and your spouse.  Many times our Lenten sacrifices focus on self, […]

  Although Kyle and I experienced the usual lifestyle changes that come along with a new roommate, the Lord also changed our hearts.  Through marriage we have grown in appreciation for not only the gift, but also the graces that flow forth.  While finally getting around to drinking our celebratory wine for our 1st anniversary […]

I am in constant motion searching for the next thing that the Lord has in store for me.  Rather than rejoicing in the present moment, many times I am waiting eagerly for the next best thing.  After our wedding, my mindset transferred toward a house, a baby, a career, our permanent location, my next calling, […]

“Prayer is where the cross changes shoulders.” –Mark Hart Throughout the years, my devotion and dependence on prayer has greatly increased.  Christ has humbled my heart and encouraged me to rely not on my own understanding, but that of the Father.  This mindset is especially necessary upon entering the sacrament of marriage.  With each spouse […]

Are you desiring to delve into scripture, but continually overwhelmed by the various books of the bible?  For awhile, I had been focusing on Christian literature, the Sunday readings, life groups and conversations to provide me with the word.  Every time I began a book of the bible, I would rock at it for about […]

  So every day around 3:10, I hear a large pounding on the glass doors outside my classroom.  With the latest safety protocols, only the teachers are allowed to let guests in.  My students are always watching for him, waiting for the large bang on the glass.  Yep, it’s always the bus driver.  Since the […]